Media Films - Austin Video ProductionAustin, TX, USA 512-607-5533I’ve shortlisted Nikon D3100, it seems to be to possess the best of both worlds with stills and 1080p recording, certainly one of my Pal’s has it so i analyzed it and the final results are great each stills and video.… Read More

Mosaic Media Films - video companies austinMosaic Media Films - Austin Video ProductionAustin, TX, USA 512-607-5533Along with obtaining great on the lookout video, you’re likely to want good audio. Most electronic cameras have reduced quality mono microphones built in. Even so, in many my videos, I do utilize the buil… Read More

The expression "I don't/isn't going to give a shit" can be utilized when 1 will not care about one thing, or provides a passive Angle towards reported detail, mainly because it denotes indifference. In context, one can say: "You're offended? Very well, I do not give a shit!"A shithole is any uncomfortable place to be, very similar to a hellhole. Th… Read More

Don’t let any one let you know not to shoot vertical video. Very seriously! Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo now enable vertical video uploads, so there’s no cause to not experiment with something different. I used to be towards vertical video, no matter what that means, but that’s so foolish. Video that’s shot in horizontal / la… Read More

seo for videoI haven't smiled and laughed so tricky Using a motorcycle plus the audio god I really like that guzzi soundFor anyone who is shooting for YouTube, 4K is often a great option, whether or not YouTube will compress the video. Of course the higher the resolution, the greater your video file will probably be.We lined lots of critical inform… Read More